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Mitch Harris President Communication Mastery

Will?s Wisdom

Will Smith gives us a straight dose of inspiration and reminder. Who?d have thought the Fresh Prince would go on to become so inspiring? Nothing I say here can add to it. Just watch the video


Hello There!

I trust today finds you productive and getting excellent results.

With the holiday season approaching and everyone focused on getting gifts for the people they care about, I would like to turn your attention to giving an incredible gift to someone who is very special to you, someone who you couldn?t have made it this far without ??yourself.

And the gift I am talking about is protecting your commission ? whether it?s the price of your product or the fee you charge for your service. Why do so many people struggle with this? It?s because their prospects are constantly challenging them on this issue and because they are afraid that if they don?t drop their price, the prospect will go elsewhere.

It is an understandable concern, but a very wounded way to go through the process of doing business. And the bottom line is if you habitually drop your price or cave into prospect pressure, you are treating both yourself and your product/service like a generic commodity ? no more.

Below I have copied some excerpts from my soon to be released book. Enjoy:

?One vital aspect of creating success that I see so many entrepreneurs struggle with is getting paid what they are worth ? charging top dollar for their product or service and defending their fee. Not only does this struggle steal money from the businessman/woman, but it also leaves one feeling disempowered. It conjures up feelings of inadequacy ? not feeling worthy or deserving ? feeling like you sold yourself short (which you did), feeling like a fraud or that the prospect can see right through the story you are attempting to tell.

To master this aspect of your sales game, there are 3 main areas you must address and master: 1) How you live your own life in regards to spending money 2) Your professional identity 3) Your selling skills 1) How you live your own life in regards to money Question: How do you approach the issue of price when it comes to your own money? Do you tend to focus on price first or price only ? always looking to get the biggest discount with consideration for everything else being secondary? In other words, how do you live your own life regarding this? When it comes time to spend your own money or make buying decisions for yourself, how to you process that decision? How heavily do you weigh the factor of price, or fee? Are you a habitual tight wad? I encourage you to take a rigorous personal inventory of yourself. This is absolutely critical. Is price the very first thing you tend to look at and worry about before everything else? In answering this, be sure that you are not answering from a perspective of who you believe yourself to be or who you want to be. Take a look at how you actually think and act in those situations. Attempting to recommend, let alone persuade someone else to do something or make a decision that you clearly would not do yourself can be extremely difficult. Think about the contradiction there. You?re living a lie! You don?t have any mental legs to stand on and your subconscious knows it. 2) Your identity as an entrepreneur Do you see yourself (?your ? self?, think about that) as a full service, top-shelf individual? Are you the type of person who warrants, who deserves the full boat, the high-end fee? Are you someone who is comfortable dealing with selling the high-end product and getting paid for it? When it comes to business, who are you? This is the key. We?re going beyond words to your level of belief ? your self-concept. As the saying goes, ?it?s not what you say, it?s how you say it.? Picture someone who has their head held low, looking down, shoulders slumped down, avoiding eye contact with you while saying in a bland monotone voice at a volume you can barely hear: ?I am so excited right now.? You know they don?t really mean it! They?re not congruent in what they are saying. At the end of the day, this requires a very clear decision. It requires you to make the decision that you and your product/service are worth EVERY PENNY you are asking for and more. That your prospect is getting off cheap. That you are worthy and that great things are headed your way, because you deserve them. With that mindset in place, what could possibly stop you? 3) Your selling skills on this topic: ? remember, the best time to handle an objection is before it comes up. If you think price/fee may come up as an objection, then your job is to pre-empt it in advance. You want to point out and even show off in advance about the fact that you are more expensive then your competition as one of the things that sets you apart. Have it be part of your identity. To use an old but effective example: ?We are the Rolls Royce of the __________ industry.? Speak as if you are in another league than your competition from the very beginning. Create a very strong Pre-Frame (covered in ?Qualifying Your Prospects??) for your prospects up front. One specific rebuttal you can give: 1) ?You are correct, our price/fee is higher than abc competition, yet every year we sell millions (billions) of dollars worth of your product/service to some of the smartest consumers (corporations) in the market. Would you like to know why?? or:

?Yes, you are correct, our price/fee is higher than abc competition, yet every year we outsell abc by 25% (if that is true), would you like to know why??

There?s a lot more where that came from. In addition to this E-Letter on protecting your commission, I am about to release a much more comprehensive book which will contain??Protecting Your Commission??as an entire chapter as well. This book is going to cover the most important skills and tools you must know in today?s marketplace if you want to be at the top of your game as a sales professional. If you have any interest in pre-ordering, please feel free to contact my organization.

Remember, you are entitled to every penny you are charging and more! You truly are that good. If you don?t really get that on a gut level, do the work on yourself to engrain it. That is absolutely key. Have a great day and I will be in touch. Yours In Success, Mitch Harris President Communication Mastery  


The bottom line is any skill, tool or strategy you have at your disposal is only as good as the degree to which you FOLLOW THROUGH and use it. Otherwise, it is merely intellectual entertainment. And I have found that this is hands down the determining factor that separates those individuals who create tremendous results versus those who never seem to quite get there. I?d like to share what I believe to be the single most important distinction you can make in improving the quality of your follow through: ?Do it even though?? Most people don?t finish the job or follow through because they get hung up on what didn?t go well or wasn?t done right ? or what they may have screwed up. They have a pristine vision in their mind of how everything is supposed to look from start to finish and when it doesn?t turn out that way they lose their conviction, become discouraged or want to shift their focus to something else. I?ve got news for you. Completion doesn?t always look pretty! Sometimes it looks downright ugly! There are usually screw-ups, setbacks and mistakes along the way. You may not have been as great as you thought you were going to be, you may have been disappointed by other people in the process, things may have taken a lot longer than you thought they would and more. But regardless, ?Do it even though?? Do it even though: You screwed up! You made a ton of mistakes! People let you down People disappointed you It took a lot longer than you thought it would It didn?t turn out the way you thought it would You?re not enjoying it You?re not sure you still want to You?d be amazed at some of the tricks the mind will come up with to take you out of the game when you?re in action. Remember something: you can always re-evaluate after you?ve finished. But just follow through and finish the job ?even though?? With that mindset in place, you will be amazed how many more projects you bring to completion and watch how the quality of your life and the results you create improve exponentially. Have a great day! Yours In Success, Mitch Harris President Communication Mastery


When I consider all of the practices in business that are most overlooked or neglected by sales professionals and entrepreneurs, GENERATING REFERRALS always comes to mind immediately. Boy, you want to talk about a critical aspect of building and maintaining ANY successful business, consistent referral generation is a must. Yet it astounds me how many people simply do not pay this the time and attention it deserves. It gets relegated as a secondary activity. As a result, there are TREMENDOUS amounts of potential, opportunity and money left on the table day after day after day. The first question that normally comes up when looking at this is ?why do so many people, whose income, whose livelihood, whose results depend so heavily on generating referrals, treat is as a secondary activity?? In other words, what?s behind this bizarre phenomenon? I believe it is due to a few limiting beliefs most people carry around to one degree or another about what it means to ask for referrals. Some people believe it is presumptuous or even a bit rude to ask for referrals ? as if you are crossing some imaginary line. Some folks are afraid they will damage the rapport or the friendly vibe they have with their client by asking. Others believe that asking for referrals will suggest they are struggling or that their clients, friends, whomever will lose respect for them. Have any of these feelings or beliefs ever come up for you? Do they come up for you now? I am here to tell you that if done respectfully and professionally, the complete and total opposite is actually true for each one of these beliefs. Just think about this for a moment. If you have done a great job for someone regarding the service or product you provide. If you know you provide a great service or product in general for anyone you work with, if you come from a place of integrity and caring for your clients, friends, peers associates. If you operate your affairs with integrity and you know that being referred to someone will be a gift to them, if you know that any human being has the right on their own fruition to answer either ?yes? or ?no? to such a simple question, why should it be rude to simply ask to be referred along? I have yet to hear a satisfactory answer to that question. Next and when you really get this and take it in it can be literally life changing and a total shift in paradigm. Assuming you are bringing to the table everything I have mentioned above, when you give people the opportunity to refer you, YOU ARE GIVING THEM A TREMENDOUS GIFT!!! You are allowing them to do something that is helping the people they care about, the people who trust and rely on them. Put yourself in that position for a moment. Don?t you enjoy bringing people together who can benefit from one another? It?s also a bit of a stroke to the ego for this individual as well. They get to display the fact that they are well connected and ?know people.? Why would you deprive someone the gift of being in that position. I know I love giving referrals. So please, stop with that! Next, while you think asking for referrals might have people think you?re struggling or lose respect for you, I?d say it?s quite the opposite. At a certain point if you haven?t asked for referrals people begin to wonder why. It can very often betray a deep lack of confidence in yourself or your services or your feelings of worthiness. Most people, especially truly successful people, many of whom have created their own success from effective networking and referral generation will begin to wonder at a certain point ?Why hasn?t __________ ever approached me for contacts or referrals? Is he (she) really serious about growing his (her) business?? So I?m here to tell you that you run the risk of losing respect and credibility if you DON?T ask for referrals! Others never seem to find the exact perfect time to do it or seem to magically forget to ask when those golden opportunities present themselves. For those of you who suffer from that affliction, I?m here to tell you that there is rarely an absolutely perfect time to do anything worthwhile ? be it get married, buy a home, buy a car, start a business, get a check-up, start working out, you name it! But you do it because the bottom line is you are going to be better off for it. And as far as the golden opportunities are concerned, if you have just done a good job or provided a valuable service to someone and you do NOT ask for some type of referral at that moment, there is a good chance you are leaving some serious opportunities on the table right then and there. Make referrals a part of everything you do, as a part of your ?way of being? ? not this separate activity you?ll get to when you?re ready. Plant the seeds early on: ?And I ask that when I do a great job for you here, you refer me to at least 5 people who can benefit from my service. Fair enough?? Heck, ask for referrals before you even get started: ?Look, before we get started and focused on the process, who else do you know who could benefit from what I?m doing?? The worst they could say is ?no? or ?not yet, let me see how good of a job you do first.? Nothing lost. An important distinction to make: Notice in the question above, I didn?t ask ?Do you know anyone??? I asked ?Who do you know?? It was an open ended question, not a closed (yes or no) type question. Because an open ended question assumes they already know people, you just want them to mention their names. A closed ended question can inject doubt as to whether or not they actually know someone who is right for you. So please, please, PLEASE ? just ask for referrals. Okay? It will change your life. If you?d like to learn or be coached on how to specifically dialogue about referrals from start to finish with any human being in a way that makes it virtually impossible for them to say no, in a polite, respectful and courteous way, please contact our office and we can connect you with a Sales Coach who will show you how. And my last question for you is ? who do you know who could benefit from the services we provide at Communication Mastery? If anyone comes to mind, please send them our way. We?re changing lives over here! ? Yours In Success, Mitch Harris President Communication Mastery