In any conversation, there are usually 2 levels of communication: 1) The words that are being said 2) What is beyond or behind the words For example, someone might be saying externally with their words??I just want something that is reasonably priced?, but what they are really saying to you through all of their other modalities is??Show me something that excites me!? You can usually pick up on what is behind someone?s words by paying attention to things like: body language, voice cues, the volume and pace at which they are speaking, words they tend to emphasize, questions they don?t answer completely, etc?? Often it is in paying attention to these cues that you can get a true read on where your prospect is at and what it will really take to hit his hot button. Also remember that as human beings, we make decisions for emotional reasons and attempt to justify those decisions with logic.? In other words, often times there is what we are?telling?ourselves we feel or what we want, and there is how we really feel.? And sometimes we can?t even tell the difference until it is time to act!? How often have you had the experience in which you had told yourself you were going to think, act or feel a certain way around something, but when push came to shove, you acted in a completely different manner ? as if a completely different personality had emerged? This is human nature.? ?Find the language behind the language.