?Power Day 2012? with Mitch Harris

Date And Time:

Thursday, January 19th; 2 ? 6 pm


331 Madison Avenue, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10017

Between 42nd and 43rd Streets


Do you want to springboard into 2012 with
incredible power, clarity and momentum?

Are you committed to making this your best year ever?

Would you like to interact with like-minded people and
develop a network of support?

If your answer to all of these questions is a resounding ?Yes of course!!!? then you need to attend my ?POWER DAY 2012? taking place on Thursday, January 19th in New York City.

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On that day, you and only 19 other committed, motivated entrepreneurs who understand the importance of getting off to a strong start are going to have the opportunity to spend an entire half day with me to work on your personal and professional success.

It?s simple. This half day is designed to get you crystal clear on exactly what you are committed to creating for yourself in 2012 and exactly what you will need to do to make it a reality.

During this high impact and extremely interactive half day workshop you will:

  • Get laser beam focus on EXACTLY what you are committed to accomplishing over the next 12 months.
  • Create a specific path and action plan for exactly what you will need to do to make those outcomes a reality.
  • Clarify the long-term vision you have for your business and hone your professional identity in the marketplace.
  • Identify and eliminate any self-destructive beliefs, habits or patterns you have been engaging in up to this point that have kept you from the results you are committed to.
  • Get crystal clear on what?s at stake for you NOW and why you absolutely MUST get to the next level. Why it has to happen now!!! Not next year or someday or when you think you?re ready.
  • Identify the tools, resources or people that are available to you that you have not been utilizing ? some of which have been right under your nose all along!
  • Be exposed to inspirational stories and examples of other individuals who have made it happen and are living proof of the potential you yourself possess.
  • Call yourself to action in a way that you NEVER have before!
  • Make 2012 the year you look back on as the year you made your mark!AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

Believe me when I tell you this is an event you do not want to miss. It could very well be life-changing!

As you may already know, normally I work with audiences that are much larger than only 20 people. But I chose this class size because I want this to be an intimate setting that is extremely high-impact and where I can give you an incredibly high level of focus and attention.

The workshop will be taking place on Thursday, January 19th at 331 Madison Avenue on the 7th floor, between 42nd and 43rd streets inManhattan. The contact number is 212-682-4754.

As you may already know as well, normally I charge several hundred dollars for a single hour of my time as a Business Coach and anywhere between $2,000 ? $10,000 just to walk in the door as a Keynote Speaker or Trainer.

I mention that because I am offering this program, a half-day of intensive training and learning with me and 19 other students for only $95!!!

That is all-inclusive. And as always, if for whatever reason at the end of the program you are not satisfied with the program, I am offering a complete 100% money back guarantee on your investment.

To say space is limited would be an understatement. Seats are already filling up!!! If you are interested in registering and you know this is exactly what you need to begin your year powerfully I recommend you go to the bottom of this page and click on where it says: ?Purchase Tickets? or contact my office and register now!

Don?t analyze or contemplate or get back to this after doing something else, because if you re-visit this tomorrow or even later today the chances are the class will already be filled. I hope for your sake that you are 1 out of of the few who make it into the workshop.

Some people talk about creating the future they dream about. Others actually take action and do something about it. Which one of those teams do you belong to? Which one do you WANT to belong to?

Have a fantastic day and I will see you on the 19th!

Yours In Success,

Mitch Harris aka “The Samurai Of Sales”
Communication Mastery

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Or call our corporate office immediately at: 212-682-4754 or email me at mitch@communication-mastery.com to register.