The bottom line is any skill, tool or strategy you have at your disposal is only as good as the degree to which you FOLLOW THROUGH and use it. Otherwise, it is merely intellectual entertainment. And I have found that this is hands down the determining factor that separates those individuals who create tremendous results versus those who never seem to quite get there. I?d like to share what I believe to be the single most important distinction you can make in improving the quality of your follow through: ?Do it even though?? Most people don?t finish the job or follow through because they get hung up on what didn?t go well or wasn?t done right ? or what they may have screwed up. They have a pristine vision in their mind of how everything is supposed to look from start to finish and when it doesn?t turn out that way they lose their conviction, become discouraged or want to shift their focus to something else. I?ve got news for you. Completion doesn?t always look pretty! Sometimes it looks downright ugly! There are usually screw-ups, setbacks and mistakes along the way. You may not have been as great as you thought you were going to be, you may have been disappointed by other people in the process, things may have taken a lot longer than you thought they would and more. But regardless, ?Do it even though?? Do it even though: You screwed up! You made a ton of mistakes! People let you down People disappointed you It took a lot longer than you thought it would It didn?t turn out the way you thought it would You?re not enjoying it You?re not sure you still want to You?d be amazed at some of the tricks the mind will come up with to take you out of the game when you?re in action. Remember something: you can always re-evaluate after you?ve finished. But just follow through and finish the job ?even though?? With that mindset in place, you will be amazed how many more projects you bring to completion and watch how the quality of your life and the results you create improve exponentially. Have a great day! Yours In Success, Mitch Harris President Communication Mastery