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You do not want to miss this event!

If you are a sales and marketing professional, or an entrepreneur of any kind, then the question is:

What if?

  • What if you could elevate your business to levels it’s never been before in terms of production, efficiency and bottom line income?

  • What if you could hone in on and improve the skills you need to most to become a true sales master?

  • What if you could create the lifestyle and freedom you know is possible, but you haven’t yet achieved?

  • Would that be rather amazing?

  • If you do the work and apply what you’re taught, that’s exactly what you will get from this program!

  • And much more!

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In this program geared specifically towards today’s contemporary sales and marketing professional, and conducted by Master Business Coach Mitch Harris, you will learn how to:

  • Melt away sales resistance like a true master

  • Become an exponentially better listener

  • Master the art of asking effective and penetrating questions

  • Identify the core, “hot button” value that drives your clients and will have them follow your recommendations

  • Be more consistent

  • Be tenacious and unstoppable directly in the face of adversity and hearing the work “no.”

  • Qualify your prospects much more strategically, directing their preferences simply by the probing questions you ask

  • Network in a way that has you meet the right kinds of people, and in a way that endears you to them and has them want to support you in your mission

  • Generate better and more consistent referrals

  • Manage your time much more efficiently, so you can be exponentially more productive

  • Use social media more effectively in a way that is relevant for your particular business model

  • Improve your conversational arsenal to become a much more effective conversationalist

  • How to grab the attention of whomever you are speaking to within the first 30 seconds or less!

  • Develop rapport with people on a much deeper level, so you become their “go to” person for your particular niche

  • Enhance client loyalty, so your relationships become long term engagements, not simply short term hits

  • Up-sell like a true Samurai Of Sales

  • Cultivate your own unique brand of charisma

  • Convert adversity into hard core drive and determination

  • Creating internal pressure to buy, self-concept consistency and elevated levels of consensus and agreement.

You will also:

  • Identify the primary barrier?to effective interpersonal communication, so you can shift your approach and become a?MUCH?better salesperson and a true Sales Samurai.

  • Gain a?deeper understanding?of the dynamics that occur when somebody says?“NO”?and how to better manage it.

  • Learn the core belief systems that distinguish top producing sales professionals from the majority of the population.

  • Learn how to better weather the ups and downs, and rejection you will inevitably experience as a sales professional in today’s market.

  • Have the opportunity to connect and network with fellow sales and marketing professionals from other industries, forging new relationships and professional contacts.

  • A simple, 3-step process for moving past?ANY?adversity that enters your life.

  • The Use of?Forgiveness?as A Power Tool to keep yourself on track.

But perhaps most importantly, if you apply yourself and do the work, this program will give you:

Laser Beam Clarity and Accountability!

  • We will help you to get crystal clear, laying out a specific set of goals for the next 12 months and beyond, along with an action plan for how to make those outcomes a reality

  • You will have an opportunity to check in and be held accountable on the progress of your goals and sales activity on a consistent basis. And every month you will be connected with a new “Accountability Partner”.

  • Many of our students tell us that ACCOUNTABILITY alone has made THE pivotal difference in their businesses and results

Take your skill, intensity and focus to levels they’ve never been before. Mitch Harris, aka “The Samurai Of Sales”, conducts this interactive learning program in truly inspirational fashion. During this 6-Month program you will be exposed to skills, principles and tools that distinguish sales professionals and entrepreneurs who are in the top 1% of what they do IN THE WORLD!

In addition to the information being shared, there will be powerpoint, interactive music and audience participation. We take a “multi-sensory” approach to our training and everything we teach is designed to support you in getting the maximum comprehension in the shortest possible amount of time.

Once a month you’ll have the opportunity to train with Mitch and the entire class for half a day in person. You’ll also have the opportunity to train with Mitch and the entire class via webex once a month for ninety minutes. ?In addition, you’ll have access to video, audio and powerpoint training online that you can access whenever you want. It’s a rather remarkable resource!

This program is not only practical and extremely relevant for anyone who is looking to bring his/her business to the next level, it is also perfect for the individual who is open to personal growth and experiencing major breakthroughs across the board. It is a lot of fun and an opportunity to network with other sales professionals and entrepreneurs (and possibly prospects) from all over the area and from many different industries.

This Program Is Ideal For:

  • Financial Advisors

  • Real Estate Agents: Residential and Commercial

  • Insurance Agents

  • Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers: Residential and Commercial

  • Professional Recruiters And Placement Professionals

  • Multi-Level Marketers

  • Event Planners And Promoters

  • Business and Life Coaches

  • Technology And Telecom Sales Professionals

  • Consultants In Any Industry

  • Pharmaceutical And Medical Sales Professionals

  • Advertisers

  • Yoga, Martial Arts, Pilates, Spin Class Instructors Who Are Growing Their Student Base

  • Telemarketers And Appointment Setters

  • Web Designers

  • CPAs, Attorneys And Physicians Who Are Building Their Own Practice

  • Telecom Agents

  • Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners In ALL Industries

  • Department Heads

  • Sales Managers

  • C-Level Executives In Any Industry

  • Anyone Committed To Growing Their Business And Getting To The Next Level

  • Anyone Committed To Building An Unstoppable Team or Sales Force

  • Anyone Committed To Improving Their Personal Leadership, Delegation and Time Management Skills

  • And Much More!

Launch date:

Wednesday, September 25th, 8:45 am – 5:30 pm

And remember, this is a tax write off for your business and we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on the program at the end of the 1-day introduction if you?re not satisfied.

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This also includes:

  • Powerpoint content that contains the most critical tools, skills and strategies covered in the program that you get to keep. This is a tool that you can review and refer back to for the rest of your life.

  • The opportunity to learn about working with a?Personal Coach. What’s involved, the processes, the requirements, the benefits and payoffs. We will be offering you a special gift as well.

  • Unlimited networking and prospecting possibilities during breaks and interactive exercises.

  • A completion bonus and certificate of graduation for those who complete this program in its entirety.

If you are truly committed to stepping up your game and getting to the next level in your business or in your personal life, you NEED to get to this event!!!

Of if you feel that your momentum or drive have been slipping lately, then you DEFINITELY NEED to get to this program! Mitch will snap you back into shape pronto.

We are so confident that you will find this to be a worthwhile experience, that we are willing to offer you a complete satisfaction guarantee on the initial 1-day kickoff program.

If you attend and stay for the entire 1-day program and play full out, if at the end of the day you feel that there was nothing of value for you, you did not receive any benefit and it was not worthwhile, if you request a refund we will honor it. That is how confident we are that you will find this event valuable, beneficial and extremely worthwhile. ?You must make that request the day of the program, after it has completed.

In addition, we are so confident you are going to find this to be life changing, that you can try it out for a month before committing to the entire program. ?In other words, if for whatever reason you do not wish to continue on with the program after completing the first month, you are under no obligation to do so!

We simply ask that if you continue on with us beyond the first month, which we are confident that you will, that you commit to completing the six month program in its entirety. ?It’s simple, finish what you start. ?That’s how you will get the true value this coaching program has to offer.

Your investment:

(Standard Monthly Tuition: $595)

Limited Time Monthly Tuition For This Campaign: Only $249

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