Customized Corporate Consulting

Any successful individual will tell you that as a predominant rule, everything in life is much better when it is CUSTOMIZED. When choosing a corporate consulting or training program, it is essential to commit to a customized method that will fit your needs. Mitch Harris, President of Communication Mastery, has combined past experience with an innovative perspective to create a customized consulting approach that is relevant, hands-on and tremendously effective.

Mitch and his team of experts get into the mix with both you and your people to pinpoint areas of improvement and diagnose corporate culture. By providing practical skills, systems and solutions, Communication Mastery creates a sense of possibility that drives your organization forward to improve culture and generate better bottom line results. Mitch’s diverse set of skills and varied experience in both life and business make his consulting approach extremely flexible and adaptable to many different corporate environments and concerns.

Some of the key areas Communication Mastery can
focus on within your organization are:

  • Team Building: Increase synergy, trust, cohesiveness, and results. Create a universal vocabulary and a culture that consists of both support AND accountability.

  • Sales Excellence and Communication Mastery: Learn the tools of persuasion and influence used by the masters. The outcome here is to equip your team with the skills and confidence so that if it is humanly possible for someone to walk away with the business, YOUR PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE THE ONES WHO DO IT!!!

  • Mind Management: How to be at your “peak”, a “level 10”, or close to it more consistently. Develop an ironclad, unstoppable mindset around handling objections, dealing with rejection and sales resistance, as well as the inevitable ups and downs that come along with pursuing ANY entrepreneurial endeavor or long-term project.

  • Time Management: Proven, effective “outer” principles such as tools, systems and processes, combined with deeper, less obvious distinctions surrounding your “inner” game that are often overlooked but are even MORE important in controlling your time and directing your schedule.

    Example: Be powerful and effective in a state of “ongoing incompleteness” around your ever-changing and evolving list of projects and action items. Avoid tunnel vision and maintain a schematic of the bigger picture.

  • Corporate Strategy: Effective planning, decision-making and trouble-shooting. Very often 1 simple decision regarding direction or strategy can make the ultimate long-term difference between success or failure as an individual and as an organization.

  • Corporate Identity and Marketing: Unique and creative approaches to enhancing the identity of your organization in a way that will draw attention and immediately distinguish you from your competition. “Immediate Response” and results-based marketing.

  • Relationship Building: Proven, effective approaches for penetrating professional relationships and tapping the deepest potential within your client relationships as quickly as possible. We will show you how to keep your clients around for longer periods of time, leverage the relationship and keep them even more engaged as time goes on.

  • The Fortune Is In The Follow Up: Increase repeat, return, and residual business from existing customers. Learn to get stronger and more innovative as the relationship continues.

  • Passive And Exponential Referrals: The key to working smart, not just hard. Create a deeper and more frequent awareness with satisfied clients and develop a culture that drives more referrals from more directions without you even having to ask. This is how it’s supposed to be!

  • Creating Self-Sufficient Leaders: We teach your leaders to train others and to be “the source”, so your organization is self-sufficient and systemized. Whether it is better listening skills, public speaking, body language, effective conflict resolution, inter-departmental synergy or a slew of other skill sets, we will enhance the leadership, the clarity, and the bottom line results of your organization.


We are eager to discuss our consulting services with you in more detail so we can design a program that is customized to cater to your ambitions and maximize your potential.

Email us at or call us at 212-682-4754 to schedule an informational telephone call.

“I am very glad I brought Mitch in to work with the producers at my company. ?He really gets our business and the producers who have participated in his consulting program have had nothing but stellar things to say about him across the board. ?He teaches tangible tools that my people can use out there in the real world to get better bottom line results. ?I support his work here whole-heartedly and I strongly recommend brining him in to work with your company.”

Evan Bower, President Of The B & G Group
A Property And Casualty Insurance Corporation
Plainview, New York