Leadership Training & Team Building

Communication Mastery offers a results-oriented training program customized to your firm’s needs. Mitch Harris, President of Communication Mastery, has combined past experience with an innovative perspective to create a customized?consulting approach that is relevant, hands-on and tremendously effective.

Mitch and his team of experts get into the mix with both you and your people to pinpoint areas of improvement and diagnose corporate culture. By providing?practical skills, systems and solutions, Communication Mastery creates a sense?of possibility that drives your team members to step up and become effective?leaders. Mitch will show you how to create cohesive teams to generate better bottom line results. His diverse set of skills and varied experience in both life and business make his consulting approach extremely flexible and adaptable to many different corporate environments and concerns.

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Some of the key areas Communication Mastery can
focus on within your organization are:

  • Creating self-sufficient leaders

  • Understanding different skill sets of a leader

  • Cultivating the right mindset

  • Increasing synergy and cohesiveness in teams Building & maintaining a dynamic team


Creating Self Sufficient Leaders

  • Counting on leaders to train others and become “the source”

  • Taking personal ownership of projects

  • Establishing systems and structures to increase bottom-line results

  • Delegate and manage people more effectively

Skills & Traits

  • Hone the ability to be a “hyper-sensitive” listener

  • Improve on public speaking and body language

  • Develop effective conflict resolution skills

  • Create inter-departmental synergy

Effective Modeling

  • Utilize an ironclad formula for effectively modeling top performers, at anytime, in any area

  • Learn how to save immense amounts of time, energy and money getting the results you truly want

  • Discover the meaning and importance of constantly stretching your comfort zone and becoming “comfortable with being uncomfortable”

Time Management

  • Proven tools, systems and processes to control your time and directing your schedule

  • Be powerful and effective in a state of “ongoing incompleteness” around your ever-changing list of projects

  • Avoid tunnel vision and maintain a schematic of the bigger picture


Dynamics of Teams

  • Understanding the dynamics of team environments

  • Building deep rapport and cultivating strong relationships with team members

  • Focusing on the payoffs of team-based projects

Sustaining a Supportive Culture

  • Create a culture of mutual support and accountability amongst your people

  • Keeping the energy of your team up on a much more consistent basis

  • Increasing synergy, trust, cohesiveness, and results

Mind Management

  • Making your mark and carrying out a vision

  • Ultimate tool for controlling your mental focus and states of mind

  • Creating a crystal clear blueprint for your goals over the next 12 months

  • Consistently keeping yourself in a “Peak State”

Click here to download the program PDF brochure.