Six-Month Sales Mastery Coaching Program

Conducted By Mitch Harris

In this game changing coaching program, you will learn how to:

  • Get other people to do what you want them to do, but for their reasons

  • Master identifying your prospect?s ?Core Identity?, hot buttons and emotional pressure points so you can sell to them masterfully<.p>

  • Cultivate and clarify your own ?Differentiating Identity? in the market, in a way that immediately distinguishes you from your competition

  • Network strategically to make critical contacts and create deep reciprocity from the people who can give you what you want

  • Master the art of passive referrals and high-level introductions

  • Dissolve objections and sales resistance like a true Sales Samurai

  • Cultivate the habits and behaviors that distinguish true sales masters

  • Make drastically better use of your time

  • Mastery your elevator and stadium pitches

  • Create deep, ongoing relationship loyalty. So you don?t just acquire clients, but you keep them

  • Give a killer presentation A to Z

You will also receive:

  • Live, in-person workshops

  • Printed manuals

  • Online video: our sessions will be recorded!

You can apply to participate in the

V.I.P. Mastermind Membership:

Limited to only 10 members

Each month:

  • An additional live conference call or webinar

  • An in-person breakfast/brunch brainstorming meeting

  • You won?t just learn. You?ll collaborate, contribute and learn from others

  • A fantastic networking opportunity as well

  • You can explore the ?Samurai Of Sales?coaching program for a month, with the option of continuing

    What if this could be the game changer?

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