Mitch Harris

Guest And Keynote Speaker

Having the right speaker at your event can single-handedly put it “over the top”. Mr. Mitch Harris, President and Founder of Communication Mastery, is that speaker! Mitch’s varied backgrounds in sales, marketing, public speaking and performing make him the ideal candidate for whatever function it is you are holding. His approach is flexible, combining a charismatic intensity with heartwarming humor.

If you are looking for a high-energy speaker who will get your audience going and leave your guests moved and inspired, Mitch is ideal. He represented the Anthony Robbins organization for close to 2 years and worked as a professional comedian in New York City for over 3 years. He is a master at connecting with and raising the energy level of any audience.

If you are looking for someone who can speak strategically about developing and growing a business, sales and marketing excellence, strategic planning as well as revenue and profit enhancement, Mitch is also ideal. He has over 14 years of direct, front-line experience in entrepreneurial sales, including over 6 years as a full service Financial Advisor. Mitch has also owned and operated his own training company successfully for over 4 years.

And finally, if you are looking for someone who can speak to your people candidly about the keys to thriving directly in the face of setbacks and adversity, Mitch is also the perfect candidate. He has had more than his share of real-life struggles and setbacks, including an abysmal start in sales for over 3 years, making over 300 cold calls a day as a struggling Stockbroker – dealing with massive rejection, poor results and financial hardship, to eventually be the one giving the sales meetings, training other Brokers and taking on the role of Coach and Mentor to many.

Mitch has been both guest and keynote speaker for some of the top organizations in the world, including Century 21, Coldwell Banker,? AT&T, MCI Worldcom, Cablevision, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Northwestern Mutual, Oppenheimer & Co., Met Life and ERA Realtors just to name a few.


The Unlimited Power of Forgiveness
  • If you can forgive yourself for your own mistakes, there is NOTHING that can stop you!
  • Keeping the past where it belongs
  • Apply forgiveness as a tool in your life, not just as an emotional ideal
  • Learn a proven 3-step process for moving beyond any setback or adversity (Mastery of this could take years)
  • Find out why and how it really is possible to be successful and live a moral life without being plagued by constant guilt
Guilt: The Emotional Shackle
  • Guilt: The unacknowledged emotion that keeps us “shackled” to our past
  • Discover what guilt truly is and where it comes from
  • Why guilt is not a “moral” emotion
  • Find out why most people mistake feeling guilty for having high standards and why the 2 are separate issues
  • Learn the process of moving beyond guilt and letting go
  • Distinguish between your inner voice and self-imposed constrictions
The Joyous Privilege of Being In Professional Sales
  • Professional salespeople are and always have been the forerunners of human progress
  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs and stereotypes about salespeople and their intentions
  • Gain a deep understanding of why there is nothing wrong with asking someone for money and being persistent about it
Learn To Love Objections
  • Why dealing with objections does not need to be unpleasant
  • Recondition the split second reactions you have when someone hands you an objection or tries to shut you down
  • Identify and dissolve your reluctance to pursuing objections with a passion
  • Look forward to and embrace objections instead of just tolerating them as a necessary evil
Outcome Clarification: Goal Setting Workshop
  • Regain the ability to look at life through the eyes of unlimited possibility
  • Generate a CRYSTAL CLEAR blueprint of what you are committed to creating in your life over the next 12 months
  • Identify and explode through the fears, doubts and barriers that hold you back
  • Put yourself in the top 3% regarding direction, clarity and focus AND MORE!

SKILLS-BASED WORKSHOPS: Referrals: The Most Overlooked Resource In All Of Business
  • Get away from having to do things the hard way
  • Get referrals much earlier on in the relationship
  • Generating PASSIVE referrals, or receiving referrals without even having to ask
  • Learn the dynamics and communication skills that create the openings, expectation and culture for receiving referrals
Objection Handling Tools
  • Learn specific questions and rebuttals to use when presented with major objections and sales resistance
  • Align with and turn around any objection instead of butting heads with your prospect
  • Learn how to close at the highest level and GET THE BUSINESS!
Grabbing Your Prospect’s Attention Immediately
  • The prices you pay if you do not GRAB someone’s attention immediately
  • Discover the power of a STARTLING CLAIM or STARTLING QUESTION
  • Understand the interference or MENTAL WAX PAPER both in your own mind as well as the mind of the prospect
  • Overcome the added challenges of getting someone’s attention in today’s market
  • Be willing to be dramatic and get right to the point!
Effectively Qualifying Your Prospect And Uncovering His/Her Hot Buttons
  • Prepare your prospect to answer more questions than he or she is used to
  • How to move beyond the initial answers and reasons
  • How to plant seeds early on in the process by the questions you ask
  • The art of using subtle, implied communication versus simple fact-finding questions
Developing Deep Rapport And Connection
  • What being TRULY prepared for a meeting or conversation really means
  • Know that how you live your life off the radar is clear when you are being observed
  • Remember that it’s not about you!
  • Master tonalities, volume and non-verbal communication
Time Management
  • Integrate into your “inner game” proven, effective “outer” principles such as tools, systems and processes, combined with deeper, less obvious distinctions
  • The inner-game tools that are often overlooked are even MORE important in controlling your time and directing your schedule
Effective Modeling
  • Utilize an ironclad formula for effectively modeling anyone, at anytime, in any area
  • Identify the traits and characteristics that top performers have in common
  • Learn how to save immense amounts of time, energy and money getting the results you truly want
  • Discover the meaning and importance of constantly stretching your comfort zone and becoming “comfortable with being uncomfortable”
The Critical Importance Of Systemizing A Business And How To Do It
  • When structures and processes are in place, your job becomes exponentially easier
  • Working smart, not just hard: Learn how to leverage your time, effort and planning
  • Gain a better working knowledge of channels, repetition, follow through and delegation
  • Certain universal principles and customizing these principals for your business
Critical Marketing Approaches And Lead Generation
  • Create an ongoing and personal presence in your market
  • How to market through educating and informing, versus purely promotion
  • Focus on the long term, follow through and back end – not just the one-shot sale upfront
  • Learn more effective ways to use the internet as a marketing tool
How To Ask Effective Questions
  • Getting people to take action for THEIR reasons, not yours
  • When and how to use open-ended questions
  • When and how to use closed-ended questions
  • Develop the mindset necessary to be a masterful asker of questions
  • Understand the power of silence and how to become more comfortable with it
  • The “Investigative Consultant” approach
  • Hone your ability to be a “hyper-sensitive” listener
Reconditioning Your Gut-Level Responses And Associations
  • Learn how to create supportive patterns of behavior
  • A brief history of NLP or “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”
  • The Pain/Pleasure Principle
  • Identify limiting habits and patterns of behavior
  • Getting leverage on yourself to where things have to change
  • Create new, supportive, empowering habits and patterns of behavior so you can be free and unstoppable!
Telemarketing Excellence
  • How to blow through initial resistance powerfully and politely. This alone will separate you from 95% of your competition!
  • The strategic use of an effective “Hook” and how to create one.
  • The “Polite Pressure” close.
  • Finding The Zone: Hitting your rhythm and how to stay there. Getting STRONGER as the day goes on, not weaker.

NON-SKILLS-BASED WORKSHOPS: Protecting Your Commission
  • This is as important in today’s market as it’s ever been.
  • Being strong in this area can have a TREMENDOUS impact on your income!
  • This separates the champions from the order takers
  • How you live your OWN life and make your OWN buying decisions will dictate your mindset and how effective you are in this area.
  • Specific rebuttals and techniques on how to address this topic
Effective Team Building
  • The critical dynamics that MUST be in place to build and maintain a winning team.
  • The importance and implementation of effective leadership.
  • Integrity and accountability.
  • Don’t ask your team to do anything you yourself wouldn’t do.
  • Open communication and avoiding potential conflicts before they even arise.
  • Bringing your vision across in a way that is practical and your people can understand.
Cultivating The Mindset And Habits Of An Entrepreneur
  • The beauty of building YOUR OWN business.
  • Living a focus based lifestyle versus distraction based.
  • The meaning and spirit of “Personal Ownership”.
  • Making your mark and carrying out a vision.
  • What it really means to be a leader.

Mitch can also customize his speech or workshop to be a mixture of these topics (and more) depending on what is most appropriate and relevant for your event and organization.

We would love to answer any questions you may have in regards to having Mitch speak at an upcoming event. If you would like to book Mitch for an event or if you simply have questions, please feel free to call us at 212-682-4754 or email us at