Sales Training

Communication Mastery offers a results-oriented sales training program customized to your firm’s needs. Mitch Harris, President of Communication Mastery, has combined past experience with an innovative perspective to create a customized consulting approach that is relevant, hands-on and tremendously effective.

Mitch and his team of experts get into the mix with both you and your people to pinpoint areas of improvement and diagnose corporate culture. By teaching practical skills, systems and solutions, Communication Mastery helps your organization to improve bottom line results while expanding your perception of what is possible. Mitch’s diverse set of skills and varied experience in both life and business make his consulting approach extremely flexible and adaptable to many different corporate environments.

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Some of the key areas Communication Mastery can
focus on within your organization are:

  • Learn to Love Objections

  • How to Generate More Referrals Tools of Persuasion and Influence

  • Grabbing Your Prospect’s Attention Immediately

  • Effectively Qualifying Your Prospect

  • And much more


  • Why dealing with objections does not need to be unpleasant

  • Recondition the split second reactions you have when someone hands you an objection or tries to shut you down

  • Identify and dissolve your reluctance to pursuing objections with a passion

  • Look forward to and embrace objections instead of just tolerating them as a necessary evil


  • Get away from having to do things the hard way

  • Get referrals much earlier on in the relationship

  • Generating PASSIVE referrals, or receiving referrals without even having to ask

  • Learn the dynamics and communication skills that create the openings, expectation and culture for receiving referrals


  • How to plant seeds early on in the process by the questions you ask

  • Developing deep rapport and connection with prospects

  • Learn how to close at the highest level and get the business


  • The prices you pay if you do not GRAB someone’s attention immediately

  • Discover the power of a STARTLING CLAIM or STARTLING QUESTION

  • Understand the interference or MENTAL WAX PAPER both in your own mind as well as the mind of the prospect

  • Overcome the added challenges of getting someone’s attention in today’s market

  • Be willing to be dramatic and get right to the point!


  • Prepare your prospect to answer more questions than he or she is accustomed to

  • How to move beyond the initial answers and reasons

  • The art of using subtle, implied communication versus simple fact-finding questions


  • Utilize an ironclad formula for effectively modeling anyone, at anytime, in any area

  • Identify the traits and characteristics that top performers have in common

  • Learn how to save immense amounts of time, energy and money getting the results you truly want

  • Discover the meaning and importance of constantly stretching your comfort zone and becoming “comfortable with being uncomfortable”

Click here to download the program PDF brochure.