To Sell Is To Be Human


Conducted By Mitch Harris
Aka ?The Samurai Of Sales?

This customized In-House Training Workshop is a powerful program focusing on techniques for PEAK PERFORMANCE, SUPERIOR PERSUASION AND BETTER BOTTOM LINE RESULTS!

Mitch will share specific strategies that you can use to:

  • Move beyond negative perceptions about sales and marketing, so you can be freed up to grow your business, make more money and generate incredible success!

  • Begin any presentation or conversation in a way that lands powerfully and that immediately gets the other person?s attention

  • Identify the ?real? agenda and motivation someone has, that is very often hiding just beneath the surface level answers they may actually be giving you.

  • Understand the ?hero? and ?homerun? complexes, how they drive human behavior and the decisions we all make

  • Be a dramatically better listener.

  • Master the art of asking questions skillfully.

You?ll learn questions that will allow you to:

  • Cut through resistance and bring others to make decisions quickly and easily

  • Uncover the core values and emotional pressure points of whomever you?re speaking with, so you can be dramatically more effective in getting them to see things your way, and take the actions you want them to!

  • You?ll also learn about Mitch?s more comprehensive ?Samurai Of Sales Six Month Coaching Program”and how you can participate

  • And MORE!

This fun, interactive and high energy workshop will provide ideas that you can use immediately to GENERATE MORE BUSINESS, ACHIEVE HIGHER LEVELS OF SUCCESS, AND INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL INCOME!


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