“Mitch no doubt has had a HUGE impact on my company! I own a holding corporation that includes real estate, mortgage and foreclosure companies as well as speculation in both residential and commercial real estate. I had hit a wall in my business and quite frankly was feeling a bit burnt out. Mitch has rejuvenated me and brought momentum, purpose and energy back to what I am working on. He has also been instrumental in teaching me how to systemize my business, stay more consistent, leverage my time and work smarter – all while enjoying the process a heck of a lot more! And I am glad to say that after a long downturn, both my production and income levels are steadily increasing as well. I am back up to six figure monthly income. Mitch has had a huge impact!

Leslie Bhagwandin, President, Nardin Holding Corp


“Working with Mitch has been extremely beneficial to me both personally and professionally. Mitch has helped me become more objective and self-aware. He has had a major impact on how I communicate with my associates in business, as well as close friends and family members. I am more consistent, more effective and more disciplined as a result of working with Mitch. (Mitch’s guidance and the interaction he offers helps me allocate my time efficiently) It also never hurts to know that big brother is watching. In other words, the accountability Mitch offers me has been very helpful. He has mentored me on the path to becoming the best leader I can be and I am more excited now

Stephen Leahy, President, Back Bay FX Services, LLC,

Foreign Currency Brokerage and Asset Management, Boston, Massachusetts  

Working with Mitch has had a big impact on my how I operate in my business and my life overall. As a Managing Partner at a Tax Consulting firm, making the best use of my time and knowing how to delegate are crucial. Mitch has given me specific tools on how to do that as well as improving my overall follow through and consistency. I am much more on top of my game as a result of working with Mitch and my improved habits have spilled over into all aspects of my life. I feel more prepared than ever to help take my company to the next level.

Marc Sloane, Managing Partner Tesser, Horowitz and Ullman Inc

Tax Consulting Firm, NYC  

“Working with Mitch has completely transformed my company and we are only 6 months into the relationship! In under 6 months time, Mitch has already helped us go from in the red to being profitable and we are just starting to pick up steam. His knowledge on sales, marketing, penetrating corporate accounts and the mindset necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur is second to none!

This is an extremely high caliber individual we’re talking about and I am not easily impressed. When I think about where he is going to help us go as an organization, I can hardly contain myself! If you are committed to building a successful company and truly systemizing your business, I strongly recommend you get in touch with Mitch.”

Peter Acocella, President and Founder, The Acocella Group, New York, NY


“As my personal Life and Business Coach over the last several months, Mitch has been a constant source of guidance and inspiration. He has helped me clearly identify areas of my life which needed improvement, and then set out a specific action plan for me to follow. With Mitch’s Coaching, I communicate with my team more effectively and manage my time more strategically. Due to our time together, I have become a stronger and better person.

Peter Rosaschi, Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual


“Several months ago, I brought my team to one of Mitch’s live programs. And to put it lightly, we were very impressed. Mitch is a walking encyclopedia in the areas of sales, marketing, team building, systemizing your business and effective leadership. He is also a master in facilitating the process of leading people through personal breakthroughs, and moving beyond internal barriers and limitations in their life. I have been in my industry for over 20 years and I have seen a lot. I was so impressed, that I hired Mitch as a personal in-house consultant for both myself and my company.”

Diane Ailor, Broker-Owner, Century 21, Ailor Associates, Oakhurst, New Jersey


“We own and operate a private school for autistic children in Central New Jersey. Needless to say, our niche is not an easy one. This applies not only to the educational services we provide, but to the organizational, staff and management responsibilities as well. Mitch began working with us several years ago and today we are in a very different position. We work together much more harmoniously and our internal culture has shifted in a big way.

Delegation, conflict management and leadership have all improved drastically. Mitch’s approach is very “real world.” He is extremely engaging and he has a knack for honing in immediately on what is most pertinent and vital. If you want to operate better as a team, energize your staff, improve internal culture or simply develop better leaders, we strongly encourage you to work with Mitch.”

M.E.L. and C.H. (Available Upon Request), Managing Partners

Specialty Private School, Paramus, New Jersey  

“I have seen Mitch conduct both an in-house corporate training workshop, as well as a larger scale public seminar for entrepreneurs and sales professionals. And I must say I was very impressed. Mitch is an extremely dynamic speaker and facilitator. He got his material across in a way that was fun, useful and educational. In addition, I found his approach to be helpful not only for business, but on a personal level as well. I really got a lot out of training with Mitch. I was so impressed that I hired him as my own personal Business Coach. And trust me, coming from me that’s a rave! If you truly want to step up, whether personally or professionally, as an individual or an organization, I strongly recommend you get in touch with Mitch.”

Jim Forsythe, Oppenheimer & Co.


“I was 24 years old when I co-founded my design and technology company. I am now 28. After working with Mitch for the past year, the results have been nothing short of life altering. I wish I started working with Mitch the day we opened our virtual doors. Over the past three months, I have generated over $80,000 worth of new business and built a robust sustainable sales pipeline. Mitch has helped me develop powerful communications skills at every level – sales, marketing, and project management. On top of this, with Mitch’s guidance, our company is busy developing a systemized referral process, lucrative passive income revenue streams, and effective time management strategies. We’ve seen so much growth this year, we have brought on a third partner and we’re going to hire two employees next month to handle the new business. If you want to operate both personally and professionally at a higher level than your competition then you should contact Mitch Harris. If you want to change your paradigm and see immediate, measurable, bottom line results, working with Mitch will be one of the best decisions any entrepreneur or sales professional can make. Mitch, you’re the best coach a young entrepreneur could want, thank you.”

Darrin Samaha, Blue Coda Inc., Cambridge, MA


“Mitch, in the short time that we have been collaborating together, I have been most impressed with your knowledge and thought provoking suggestions and recommendations, many of which I have incorporated into my various business endeavors. Given that my situation is unique in concurrently running 4 diverse businesses, it makes your value to me even greater and demonstrates your abilities to assist me and fine tune my focus. What I am most impressed with is your encouragement and support, your skills in role playing on the fly and the training tools that you recommend. I have and will continue to recommend you to any individuals or companies in need of training. This is an invaluable source and service and should be mandatory in any organization looking to become or continue being successful.

Richard Freiberg CPA, PC, Profitability Consultant, Briarcliff Manor, NY